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Specialists in turning B2B branding and marketing into sales…

We help companies just like yours ‘join up’ their branding, marketing and digital communications to improve their sales.

A quick overview


Just some of the companies we work with…

  • enterprise
  • yhec
  • york
  • shepherd-neame
  • xscape
  • route


  • Branding for York GeniUS! project.We were thrilled to have been the successful agency to work with City Of York Council to help with the branding of their high profile GeniUS! scheme.

  • Marketing and Branding for Xscape - Xperts.Our years of experience in marketing for the Leisure Industry made us the natural choice to help deliver a new brand proposition for the retail side of Xscape.

  • Lambson's Branding and Marketing support.As an agency we love to get our teeth into a big project. Our success with previous chemical companies helped us secure this interesting new client.

  • Leisure Industry marketing expertsWe have over 20 years of experience working with the Leisure Industry which allowed us to add real value to the re-branding of Route Organisation.

  • New look for YHECOur rebrand for York Health Economics Consortium left them with a bright and memorable corporate identity.

  • Award winning marketing communications.We have worked with the team at Shine for nearly seven years and the publication has gone from strength to strength.

The benefits of a joined up marketing, branding and digital agency…


Why should my marketing, branding and digital activity be 'joined up'?

When customers make the decision to buy the products or services you offer, they will go through a series of stages known as ‘the customer journey’. Increasingly, the customer journey utilises both digital and offline resources to help the customer make a buying decision.


Identifying, tracking and delivering your company’s branding and marketing messages throughout that journey, using multiple agencies, can be time- consuming and counter-productive.

Get your Branding and Marketing and Sales working as one...

In today’s media-rich world, people still try to segment branding, marketing and sales activities. In reality, all three are far more powerful and effective when combined. We know this for a fact and our clients all benefit from our understanding of these three disciplines.


The Factory is one of a new breed of agencies which understand how to bring traditional and digital together to maximum effect.

Constantly learning so you don't have to...

Best Practice Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media, Website technologies, Mobile Media, Analytics, Pay Per Click Advertising. One thing you can guarantee about the world of marketing is that it all changes very quickly. It can be difficult to keep abreast of it all, but don’t worry, we invest a large amount of time in our ‘Continuous Professional Development’ so we can give you the best, current advice.


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